Why Visit Danube Delta?

The Best Preserved Natural Reserve in Europe?

[adsense]This whole site was built as an attempt to answer to this ample question, but I’ll try to do a summary on this page, leaving you to discover the rest.

Let’s start with what Danube Delta is not and does not have:

    1. Overcrowded – You’re in the middle of the nature. The permanent population is not very numerous and tourism, although is starting to become more and more important, is still not that widespread to disturb your peaceful holiday.
    2. Crime – Wherever you are in the Danube Delta, you’re safe. People here are hardworking and mind their own business.

That doesn’t mean you should push it. You’re just as safe here as anywhere else in Europe.

It’s funny, there is a well documented case here about an entire ship mysteriously vanishing one night about 15 years ago from the Sulina harbor, and eventually entering the local tradition as the “Ghost Ship”. But, unless you planning to visit the Delta with a personal cargo ship, there’s no need to worry.

    1. McDonald’s and other food chains – Nope, nothing even close to that. You’ll be serving only local traditional dish here. This place has its genuine cooking customs that you won’t find anywhere else.
Traditional Fish Soup (Bors de peste)
Traditional Fish Soup (Bors de peste)

Oh, did I mention that the food is delicious? It really is!

    1. Shopping – Well, maybe the only drawback is that in the vast spread of swamps, lakes and canals you won’t find many really nice shops.

You will find a few boutiques though where you can purchase various artisan items in Tulcea, Sulina and other small villages.

    1. Car Traffic – Besides the local customs Jeeps, there are very little chances you’ll see any automobile for days. In Sulina, the second biggest town in the Danube Delta, with a population of 5000, there are only about 10 cars.

That’s because people here use boats as the main means of transport.

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