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Uzlina is one of the smallest villages in the Danube Delta. It is located on the left bank on the Sfantu Gheorghe arm of the Danube, about halfway from Tulcea to Sfantu Gheorghe.

[adsense]It lies in an area where the Danube takes a huge loop. For that reason, a few years ago, a straighter route was dug and now all major passenger ships pass a few kilometers south of the village.

The easiest way to reach Uzlina is by boat from the neighboring village, Murighiol that can be easily accessed by car.

I was looking at a map of the Danube Delta drawn in 1865, when it was still under Turkish rule. At the time, the village of was called “Jüzlin”. I can see how that name could easily change over the years to the one it currently has.

Visit some of the attractions of Uzlina

Uzlina is probably best known for the state of the art Cormoran tourist complex which offers its guest 100 top notch rooms, with 250 beds. The typical guests are both avid fishermen and people who just want to find a peaceful oasis to relax in the middle of nature.

UzlinaOf the local events, the most important is the Uzlina food festival that takes place here every year. It always brings together various personalities from across the country. The main objective is to present and promote the local dishes, as well as promote the whole Danube Delta.

[adsense]One of the main attractions of the village is the Uzlina refuge, an important zoological natural reserve, where you can identify a great deal of rare species of birds. To enter the refuge you have to have a local guide so that you won’t disturb the course of nature.

I accidentally found an old picture of some fishermen and their enormous prey, the mighty catfish. Nice!

Uzlina Catfish

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