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The Independence Monument in Tulcea

[adsense]As one of the most imposing structures in Tulcea, the Independence Monument is one of the main attractions of the city. It is located on the North-East side of Tulcea, on top of a hill where you can also find the ruins of the ancient roman city of Aegyssus.

The monument was erected as homage to the heroic soldiers who fought to free the country from the Ottoman rule between 1877 and 1888. The war also brought Dobrogea back to Romania and established it as one of the most flourishing regions of the country in the next few decades.

The Independence Monument in Tulcea
The Independence Monument in Tulcea

Sculptor George Vasilescu created the concept and the supervised the works. Construction began on 17 October 1879 with King Carol I present. The structure consists of a 22 meters tall obelisk, made of Ravenna granite, with two sculptures on the sides: a bronze soldier on the right and a vulture on the left. Both were forged in Milan.

[adsense]During the First World War, the frontline was pretty much set on the Danube and Tulcea sustained heavy damage. The monument was almost completely destroyed and remained to for years. 1932, it was rebuilt, but without the soldier and the vulture.

It was finally restored to its original form in 1977, for the celebration of a century on independence.

Around the monument you’ll find a beautiful park where you can see the ruins of the city of Aegyssus, as well as huge vessels (which were probably used to keep wine 🙂 ) that were uncovered here. There are also quite a few roman sarcophaguses here and there.

The history museum is located here, so why not pay a visit?

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