The International Rowing Boats Festival

The festival (Festivalul Internațional al Bărcilor cu Vâsle) is an event organized by Ivan Patcaichin, with his project Rowmania. The declared goal of the event is to promote the rowboat, the traditional means of transport used by all fishermen here in the Delta.

[adsense]In the last few years, the classic „lotca” has faded in popularity in favor of the new fiber glass boats which, unfortunately, take away from the colorful image of the Delta.

The birth of the canotca

But lotca is a tradition which should not be forgotten and for that reason, Ivan Patzaichin has worked closely with one of the last craftsmen in Tulcea who still knows how to build the ancient boats.

He’s designed a new type of boat that he calls „canotca”, which is a mix of the old lotcas with the new and modern lines of the canoes and other sports boats. Thus, the „canotca”.

International Rowing Boats FestivalThe most important activities that will take place are:

  • The Ivan Patzaichin competition, in which 30 teams from the whole Danube Delta will race with teir canotcas from Tulcea to Sfantu Georghe in a race that will take two days. The participants wil be able to set their tents anywhere for the night and the winners will be awarded prizes by the Ivan Patzaichin foundation.
  • The Danube Marathon, which is an international tour that starts in germany where the Danube Springs and goes all the way through the continent to the final point which is Sfantu Gheorghe. I’ve seen these people many times. I was relaxing on the beach here n Tulcea when all of a sudden, 15 to 25 boats surrounded us.

When does the festival take place?

The events will go down the following weekend, on September 2-4, right here in Tulcea. I will definitely be there (there will also be a few concerts), although I won’t be participating…

I’m in good shape, but I most certainly can’t compete with the real fishermen… My shoulder still hurts after I had a scandenberg fight with a fishermen in Sfantu Gheorghe at the Anonimul Film Festival.

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