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Want to Pilot a Plane in Sfantu Gheorghe?

Never thought I would get to pilot a plane in the middle of nowhere, in Sfantu gheorghe, but that’s what eventually happened 😀 Boy, I’m going to buy my own plane someday!

We arrived in Sfantu Gheorghe last Wednesday and chance had it that I got a little drunk on the boat, so I had to sleep a couple of hours to get back in shape. Naturally, most people were watching the movies, so I got a few beers, found some girls who were playing the guitar and partied till late in the morning.

Me in a plane in Sfantu Gheorghe
Me in a plane in Sfantu Gheorghe

The next day, going to the beach, I saw a couple of motorized hang gliders and three small planes on the field next to the beach. I thought their owners were just out there, enjoying their time, but my passion for flying kicked in and when I left the beach, I went there to get more info. I was interested in the hang gliders. Somebody told e the price and I said I will think about it and maybe come back sometime in the evening.

Of course, later that day, I borrowed 50 lei from somebody and went to the ‘air field’ to get flying. Unfortunately, all the hand gliders were in the air. I asked somebody about it and he immediately said I should better get a ride with the plane. I said that I already spoke about the hang gliders, but Mr. Mami told me I will like the plane more.

The Takeoff

So I got in, put my seatbelt on and everything. Mr. Mami gets in and tells me: “Ok, you’re going to fly the plane now”. I promptly said I don’t know how, that I’ll probably crash the plane, but he just said “just follow me”.

[adsense]He started the engine, got into speed over that rugged field, took a turn and immediately took off, flying about three meter above the heads of those coming back from the beach. He explained what’s with the pedals and everything and gave me full control of the plane. I’ve got to say, it felt awesome. The view was perfect! We crossed the Danube to the south and now I could actually see the geomethry of the place, with the canals and everything.

I continued south for a while, then I took a turn left and I followed the coastline back north. I lowered the plane to about 30 meters and the view and speed sensation were awesome. There were a few pelican colonies out there and a bunch of other birds I can’t name.

The Landing

I flew over the beach which was full of people at that hour, then Mr. Mami took control, took a wide turn and landed the plane.  The landing itself was probably the most exciting phase of the the whole thing. Seeing the ground getting close at that speed was energizing, so to say.

It definitely was worth the money. I’ll do it again when I get a chance. I will buy a plane like that someday. Mr. Mami told me that a new one costs about 60.000 euros.

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