Europolis – The Town of the Delta Documentary

I mentioned in the past how I hate it when somebody who makes a documentary about the Danube Delta always puts that sad, melancholic music as the soundtrack… Why do people insist on doing that?

[adsense]If you spend just one day in the Delta you’ll realize that it’s nothing like that. It’s actually action packed and full of life.

Well, the other day I was researching for the article on Jean Bart and somebody mentioned somewhere about a Bulgarian documentary about the city…

What? Bulgarian?  I had to see it.

Well, unfortunately, I could only find a trailer on IMDB and to be honest, that’s all I needed to see to get an idea.

Europolis – The Town of the Delta

Europolis - The Town Of The Delta DocumentaryThe video has the name Europolis in it, and for anyone who’s into everything Danube Delta like me, that does catch you attention.

So, the movie gets on the right foot from the start… Who knows, maybe I’ll find out something new about Sulina.

Unfortunately, once you watch only 20 second of it, you realize that yet again it’s yet again the crap old “The place is doomed, deserted, nobody wants to live here anymore” mumbo jumbo. With the equally crap voodoo soundtrack, of course.

I would have placed a video here so you can get an idea, but I can’t because there’s nothing on YouTube for me to embed. Good! They don’t deserve it! You can see it on IMDB.

Why do people insist on making these retarded videos where they only point out what’s not cool here? Wouldn’t it be much more interesting to make a video where they present the cool stuff that took place in the past and are still taking place today?

To the creator of the documentary (in the crazy chance that he’ll accidentally read this), FUCK YOU!

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