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Dunavatu de Jos

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Dunavatu de Jos again and what I found there was unbelievable. The old fishing village has rejuvenated through tourism and it now has some of the most modern facilities in the Danube Delta.

[adsense]Dunavatu de Jos is conveniently located on the banks of a small canal that connects to the larger Lipovenilor Canal nearby.

Willow trees and beautiful guesthouses cover the right bank of the canal for the whole length of the village, giving it an incredible rustic appearance.

The village lies at the end of the beautiful highway that leaves Tulcea and crosses all villages of the northeastern Dubruja, so the fastest way to get there is by car.

However, if you really want to have an incredible ride, your best choice would be to get there with a boat and an experienced driver who knows his ways around the myriad of canals.

Dunavatu de Jos

As for fishing, the canal here must be the best spot in the whole world.

I accidentally ran into a short film on YouTube made by some anglers where they caught one of those rare sights when hundreds of fish simply jump out of the water, ready to be captured.

I didn’t believe it when I first heard a similar story, but the proof is right there.

Unbelievable things do happen.

Hotel Egreta in Dunavatu de Jos
Hotel Egreta in Dunavatu de Jos

For accommodation, there are plenty of choices. By far, the biggest and best known place is the Egreta Hotel which faces the south and is surrounded by canals from three sides.

Moreover, thanks to it beautiful location on a small hill, it offers you a fantastic view of the whole soutern Danube Delta.

Other guesthouses in Dunavatu are built in a wholly traditional manner, so you can get closer to that particular lifestyle of the anglers in here.

And most important of all, everybody here knows how to make that traditional fish soup for which I personally am crazy about!


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