Dolphin (Delfinul) Camping Sfantu Gheorghe Review

There are plenty of places where you can set up your tent in the Danube Delta, but the best one is undoubtedly the Dolphin camping in Sfantu Gheorghe. There’s everything you could ever ask of a normal camping, and then some more!

[adsense]The camping was built a couple of years ago together with the Sfantu Gheorghe Eco Village. It actually is quite popular because this is where the Anonimul Film Festival takes place every year. I just came from there yesterday (I left two days short of the end) and just like the previous years, it was great!

They also organize the Delta Music Fest here every year during the second half of July for every electronic music enthusiasts out there.

What do they put on the table?

You could choose to rent of the 55 cozy wooden bungalows. They are all covered with reed and have those space age technologies available, such as lighting and electricity. Every one of them has two beds and a really nice porch where you can relax and drink a warm coffee in the morning:D

Bungalows in the Dolphing Camping of Sfantu GheorgheMe and my friends are actually thinking of renting a couple of them next year. ‘Cause we’re getting older and wiser and tenting is becoming a little too tiring 🙂 I doubt we’ll do it, but we talked about it.

There are approximately 600 places to set up your tent. You can choose to do that in shady places, on the side of the river, or between the bungalows.

Dolphing Camping Sfantu Gheorghe

There are plenty of showers and toilets available. I haven’t actually counted them, but they’re more than enough. Even at full capacity, like these few days, you don’t have to wait more than a minute to get a spot.

[adsense]Because there’s a good chance you’ll bring a few electric devices with you (phone, camera etc), you don’t need to worry about carrying extra batteries. There are quite a few electric outlets set up in the camping area. Each pole has six of them. An the poles are everywhere.

They also mention that they have wireless internet throughout the camping, but that’s not really the case. It only works around the bar and the cinema. I used my phone to check, so that may not be the best way to do it.

The camping has an open air cinema set up in the middle.  I can’t talk for the rest of the year, but each night during the Anonimul Film Festival, there are movies projected there for free till late in the night. There’s a stage where various musicians can perform, before the movies or during the Delta Music Fest.

For food, you have a fantastic kitchen that serves a huge selection of local dish and not only. There’s a open air bar and a small shop where you can get chips or whatever you need. Mosquito repellent solutions are bestsellers here ;))

For those of you who want t try dancing, there’s also a disco insode the camping. It’s open throughout the year, except during the Anonimul festival.

How much does it cost?

Here are the official prices. I simply copied this from their official website.

11.06 – 15.07
13.08 – 26.08

16.07 – 12.08

Tent place (2 pers.)

15 RON

15 RON

Tent place (3 – 4 pers.)

25 RON

25 RON

Cabin (2 pers)

55 RON

75 RON

Discount for tents:

  • 20% for min. 5 nights


You can also read this article in Romanian: Campingul Delfinul din Sfântu Gheorghe

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