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Crisan is a village where almost every interesting route that you can take in the Danube Delta meets.

[adsense]Situated in the middle of the delta on the Sulina Channel, it has always had a privileged position thanks to the great number of commercial ships that pass here every day, both for fishing and tourism.

No wonder that the old fishermen’s village has transformed into a modern vacation spot with kick ass places to stay.

The village presents itself as a thin stretch of houses built on the right bank of the Sulina Channel. Coming from Tulcea, your first sight of Crisan will be that of a blend of old, traditiona houses, covered with reed, and modern houses, villas and hotels.

Although not far from Tulcea, getting here will take you about three hours with the classic ship or close to one hour with the speed boat.

A typical boat stationed on the Sulina Chanal in fron of a local guest house

The time spent on the road however is totally worth it because the scenery is unbelievable. And once you arrive in here, the possibilities are endless. You can go fishing, bird watching or simply take a boat ride to enjoy the wilderness and relax.

Attractions close to Crisan

The village is a great starting place for quite a few destinations

Towards the south for instance, following the Crisan channel you’ll reach Caraorman where you’ll witness enormous sand dunes which Ceausescu once thought of exploiting. Immediately next, you’ll run into a totally out of place oak forest, which also harbors numerous exotic plant animal species.

[adsense]Still going south you can reach the Puiu, Puiulet and Lumina lakes which are some of the best fishing spots in the Delta.

Going north, you will easily reach Mila 23, a fishermen’s village surrounded by water. If there’s one place where traditions are best kept in the Danube Delta, it’s definitely in Mila 23.

The other popular destination that people head to from Crisan is Letea forest. Getting there takes you through an endless labyrinth of canals, all covered with beautiful water lilies and with wild horses roaming freely everywhere.

Letea forest, just like Caraorman, is a highly protected natural reserve because it is the northernmost subtropical forest in the world and the only place in Europe where you’ll find several exotic plants.

You should definitely consider Crisan as a destination for your next vacation. It offers numerous quality accommodation possibilities and the opportunities it opens on any of the tourist routes that meet here will ensure you’ll get to see much of everything that Danube Delta has to offer.

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