Get Ready to do Windsurfing in Danube Delta

Who said that the Danube Delta is that place where you can go to relax and enjoy a peaceful day by the lake?

[adsense]Oh yeah, I might have mentioned it a couple of times… me, and pretty much everybody else…

Well, it turns out that there’s more to it than you might think.

Sure, every documentary or presentation video you’ve seen has that soft, chill-out music that we all know.

And I hate it!

That’s not how things are around here.

The reality is that the Danube Delta has become the playing ground for a whole new breed of adventure seekers.

As it turns out, there are now a few places where you can indulge yourself in the mystical sport of windsurfing. Yeah, I’m serious.

Windsurfing In the Danube Delta

If you think that fishing may not give you enough thrill for your vacation, then suit up and get your surfing gear, because that’s the one thing that will definitely get your blood rushing.

So where can you windsurf?

So far, there are two kick ass places that have all the right things in place to give you an awesome experience.

[adsense]One is the Murighiol Lake, just outside the village with the same name and only about 40 kilometers away from Tulcea. The convenient part is that you can actually reach this place by car. You just drive up there, rent the equipment and you’re on for a mind-blowing experience.

The other one is Mila 23, one of the truly old-fashioned fishing villages in the Delta. The place is surrounded by umpteen lakes and canals which give you a awe-inspiring décor in which to have fun.

There’s a place you can rent all the necessary gear, so it’s all super convenient.

Another place where you can do that is Gura Portiței, a really nice resort located on a stretch of soft sand between the Black Sea and the Razim Lake. What’s really cool is that you can actually surf both in the sea and in the lake. It’s all on you.

Of course, if you actually have you own gear, you can windsurf anywhere. I’ve seen people do it in Tulcea’s marina, so there really are no limits. If you know how to stay away from all the boats, of course.

What next?

Now that you’re ready to do this, get down here! And let your friends know about it on Twitter and Facebook!

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