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Two Fantastic Days In Sulina

I was planning to write this article about five days ago, but … I was still a little drunk from the whole experience. Last time I was in Sulina was four years ago and I was dying to get there again.

[adsense]With all the great things that I heard from people over the years, I was expecting to see monumental changes, fields of villas and restaurants that rotate around the sun.. you know, that kind of stuff.

So me and four other friends got together and decided to see what up. We arrived a little late and couldn’t get tickets for the classic ship, so we had to settle for the catamaran. Sure, it was modern, faster and more comfortable, but it’s usually our last resort when we want to get to some place and have a good time. Thank god we had plenty of beer. We got there after about three hours and I was relieved to see that really, not much has changed. The place is still wild and the atmosphere is great.

The first thing I noticed was that there are way too many cars… In the old days you could have walked relaxed to the beach, absolutely no concern. Nowadays, that’s no longer possible because you have to keep an eye open and make way for the taxis that connect the beach and the city. That’s unacceptable!

While the changes that I saw didn’t live up to my expectations, I must admit that the few things that did change were simply spectacular. The promenade, for instance, is simply beautiful. It’s exactly what you would expect to see in a small, laid back town, in the middle of the Danube Delta. With the numerous restaurants and traditional terraces and the neatly trimmed willow trees, it feels like paradise.

And on the beach, the two new decks that go like 30 meters into the Black Sea are exactly what was this place was lacking. At night, that’s where you’ll meet some really beautiful and friendly girls. That’s where you’ll also meet some of the awesome guitar players of Sulina. I found them practicing complicated notes and stuff, not exactly our stuff. So me and Andrei went and stole some wood, set up a fire and got everybody together to drink and play the good stuff. Sweet. Some really talented people there. I’ve got to mention Delia, Lala, Alex and Andrei. Keep it up! It’s awesome to hear a cover after a song sung by a talented girl 😀

Karaoke in Sulina
Karaoke in Sulina

The next day was even better. At the beach, plenty of people and beautiful girls all over the place. In the evening, besides the billions of mosquitoes, there was another show were they played some folk and love songs. After that, there was a karaoke contest and Delia told me I should get in. I signed up with AD-DC’s “You shook me all night long”.

[adsense]Knowing I can’t really sing the damn thing, I put all my hopes in building an atmosphere and it actually worked. If you’ve seen Slipknot, you can get an idea of my show. I got myself quite a fan club actually and I was sure I would win, until the three French guys came up at the end with the Bee Gees and were just hilarious. Well, as it turned out, they actually gave the prize to someone who really deserved it. I can’t remember her name now, but she sung Laura Stoica’s “Un actor grabit”. Bravo! And she was such a good sport that she shared the bottle of JB that she won with the rest of us 😀

After the show, we all got together: winners, losers and everybody else, set up a fire and spent the rest of the night playing great music and drinking beer and everything else. I’m just sorry we had to leave after only two days. I love those people in Sulina. I’m going back as soon as I get a chance. If you get to Sulina, make sure you meet them. They’re great!

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