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Sulina Water Tower

Sulina Water Tower
Sulina Water Tower

When you go to Sulina, the first sight of the city is the tall, orange water tower that stands on the right side of the Danube. Its distinctive appearance make it one of the city’s best recognized monuments.

[adsense]The exact date when it was built is not yet known, but it is in perfect condition today and is doing a fantastic job at supplying Sulina with fresh water. And I must say that I never tasted a better water than here.

The elders of the city say that during the Second World War, the German army tried to blow this landmark up, but they only managed to destroy the upper part.

The water tower is a construction that impresses through grace and resistance. It is the first building that the traveler will see when coming to Sulina and one of the most important symbols of the city.

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