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Sulina Observer Lighthouse

[adsense]Built during the European Commission of the Danube, the observer lighthouse is currently unusable. It is located on the left bank of the Danube and the link with the continental part is made through a long stone dike.

What is fascinating about this dike is that it still holds the inscriptions of those who built it more than a century and a half ago.

The observer lighthouse in Sulina was used in the Romanian Television masterpiece “Toate panzele sus”, “All sails up”, which shows the story of a few sea adventurers who start their incredible journey in Sulina, during the former glory days of the city.

Old Picture of the Observer Lighthouse Dating Back to the Nineteenth Century.
Old Picture of the Observer Lighthouse Dating Back to the Nineteenth Century.

The grace of the architecture and the wilderness of its location give the observer lighthouse a mysterious and archaic appearance.

Sulina Observer Lighthouse Today
Sulina Observer Lighthouse Today

The first time I went to Sulina, several people told me to go look for the ghost at the lighthouse. The story goes that a young bride supposedly jumped from the lighthouse in the dangerous waters and is now haunting the place.

To my disappointment, when I got there, instead of the bride, I only saw two drunk old men, talking about the bitterness in their lives and the memories of places visited as sailors.

Panoramic View of the Observer Lighthuse and the Danube
Panoramic View of the Observer Lighthouse and the Danube

If you happen to go to the lighthouse by water, make sure to hold tight to the boat, because the waters really are turbulent there. The above story may hold some truth to it!

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