Sulina Camping Review

Since I was just talking about the camping in Sfantu Gheorghe, I think it would be just appropriate to also say a few words about the camping in Sulina.

The short version is: they don’t have a camping there anymore!

Here’s how the place used to be

Me and my friends were in Sulina about a week ago.

[adsense]3 minutes away from the place where the ships drop you off when you come to Sulina, just across from the old lighthouse, is the camp, where they usually have lots of teenagers from Moldova or other nearby places. Behind their main building, there is a football field and just around it is where the camping site used to be till about a few years ago.

The place was actually quite nice. They had mini golf, plenty of space on the grass to set your tent and quite decent showers.  However, they’ve started renovating the camp building and now the whole backyard was transformed into a storage area. It looks completely abandoned.

They’ve also permanently closed the bathrooms!

So this year, when we went there, they didn’t even want to let us stay anymore.

Thing is… that place is not a camping anymore. We managed to squeeze in there this year because we knew one of the guys working there and he was happy to let us set up our tents somewhere in the back for a beer or two.

Sulina Camping

(I actually don’t have a better picture… On the right you’ll see the fence from the football field… and the grass… it really is like that! )

So, if you’re thinking to go tent-ing in Sulina, you might want to consider some other ideas. You could set up your tent on the beach, but you’ll have to deal with all the sand. And from what I noticed, they’ve also closed the beach showers!

What The Hell? 🙁

A chance for the future?

I don’t think they’re going to renovate the old camping any time soon.

However, I saw them working on a new and interesting project close to the beach. They’ve built a few small wooden houses and connected them with wooden bridges. If they finish it by next year, maybe they’ll let us plant our tents in between the houses, just like at the Sfantu Gheorghe camping.

Or maybe they’ll flood the whole area and turn the place into something of a green village, with houses surrounded by water.

The project looks interesting. Can’t wait to see what it’ll eventually look like.

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când a fost scris acest articol? nu pot vedea nicăieri data …. ce se întâmpă cu camping-urile din Deltă? scriu acum, 29 iulie 2014… am aflat zilele trecute că și camping-ul din Sf Gheorghe s-a închis-vândut-în curs de reamenajare…. unde putem campa, vara 2014, Sulina sau Sfântu, și să avem un minimum de condiții…WC și apă curentă?

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