Sulina Camping Review

Since I was just talking about the camping in Sfantu Gheorghe, I think it would be just appropriate to also say a few words about the camping in Sulina.

The short version is: they don’t have a camping there anymore!

Here’s how the place used to be

Me and my friends were in Sulina about a week ago.

[adsense]3 minutes away from the place where the ships drop you off when you come to Sulina, just across from the old lighthouse, is the camp, where they usually have lots of teenagers from Moldova or other nearby places. Behind their main building, there is a football field and just around it is where the camping site used to be till about a few years ago.

The place was actually quite nice. They had mini golf, plenty of space on the grass to set your tent and quite decent showers.  However, they’ve started renovating the camp building and now the whole backyard was transformed into a storage area. It looks completely abandoned.

They’ve also permanently closed the bathrooms!

So this year, when we went there, they didn’t even want to let us stay anymore.

Thing is… that place is not a camping anymore. We managed to squeeze in there this year because we knew one of the guys working there and he was happy to let us set up our tents somewhere in the back for a beer or two.

Sulina Camping

(I actually don’t have a better picture… On the right you’ll see the fence from the football field… and the grass… it really is like that! )

So, if you’re thinking to go tent-ing in Sulina, you might want to consider some other ideas. You could set up your tent on the beach, but you’ll have to deal with all the sand. And from what I noticed, they’ve also closed the beach showers!

What The Hell? 🙁

A chance for the future?

I don’t think they’re going to renovate the old camping any time soon.

However, I saw them working on a new and interesting project close to the beach. They’ve built a few small wooden houses and connected them with wooden bridges. If they finish it by next year, maybe they’ll let us plant our tents in between the houses, just like at the Sfantu Gheorghe camping.

Or maybe they’ll flood the whole area and turn the place into something of a green village, with houses surrounded by water.

The project looks interesting. Can’t wait to see what it’ll eventually look like.


Dolphin (Delfinul) Camping Sfantu Gheorghe Review

There are plenty of places where you can set up your tent in the Danube Delta, but the best one is undoubtedly the Dolphin camping in Sfantu Gheorghe. There’s everything you could ever ask of a normal camping, and then some more!

[adsense]The camping was built a couple of years ago together with the Sfantu Gheorghe Eco Village. It actually is quite popular because this is where the Anonimul Film Festival takes place every year. I just came from there yesterday (I left two days short of the end) and just like the previous years, it was great!

They also organize the Delta Music Fest here every year during the second half of July for every electronic music enthusiasts out there.

What do they put on the table?

You could choose to rent of the 55 cozy wooden bungalows. They are all covered with reed and have those space age technologies available, such as lighting and electricity. Every one of them has two beds and a really nice porch where you can relax and drink a warm coffee in the morning:D

Bungalows in the Dolphing Camping of Sfantu GheorgheMe and my friends are actually thinking of renting a couple of them next year. ‘Cause we’re getting older and wiser and tenting is becoming a little too tiring 🙂 I doubt we’ll do it, but we talked about it.

There are approximately 600 places to set up your tent. You can choose to do that in shady places, on the side of the river, or between the bungalows.

Dolphing Camping Sfantu Gheorghe

There are plenty of showers and toilets available. I haven’t actually counted them, but they’re more than enough. Even at full capacity, like these few days, you don’t have to wait more than a minute to get a spot.

[adsense]Because there’s a good chance you’ll bring a few electric devices with you (phone, camera etc), you don’t need to worry about carrying extra batteries. There are quite a few electric outlets set up in the camping area. Each pole has six of them. An the poles are everywhere.

They also mention that they have wireless internet throughout the camping, but that’s not really the case. It only works around the bar and the cinema. I used my phone to check, so that may not be the best way to do it.

The camping has an open air cinema set up in the middle.  I can’t talk for the rest of the year, but each night during the Anonimul Film Festival, there are movies projected there for free till late in the night. There’s a stage where various musicians can perform, before the movies or during the Delta Music Fest.

For food, you have a fantastic kitchen that serves a huge selection of local dish and not only. There’s a open air bar and a small shop where you can get chips or whatever you need. Mosquito repellent solutions are bestsellers here ;))

For those of you who want t try dancing, there’s also a disco insode the camping. It’s open throughout the year, except during the Anonimul festival.

How much does it cost?

Here are the official prices. I simply copied this from their official website.

11.06 – 15.07
13.08 – 26.08

16.07 – 12.08

Tent place (2 pers.)

15 RON

15 RON

Tent place (3 – 4 pers.)

25 RON

25 RON

Cabin (2 pers)

55 RON

75 RON

Discount for tents:

  • 20% for min. 5 nights


You can also read this article in Romanian: Campingul Delfinul din Sfântu Gheorghe

Places to Visit


It’s incredible how time can change thing in such a way that you can’t find any traces of a place’s past. Old buildings make room for new ones, old swamps are turned into tennis fields.

[adsense]Something like that takes place in the village of Periprava. Historically, the place has always been isolated, being located far away on the Chilia branch of the Danube.

And if there is a dirt road there, it only leads to the neighboring villages of Letea, C.A Rosetti and Sfiștovca, which aren’t exactly the biggest road hubs of the Danube Delta.

But Periprava will forever remain in history for it was here that fifty years ago the communists agreed to create one of their main labor camps and send off their political enemies.


The Church in Periprava

The Licostomo (Lycostomium) Fortress

Close to Periprava, researchers locate the medieval fortress of Licostomo. Its name means “Two Wolves’ Mouths”. It might as well be the village of Vâlcov, located in Ucraine.

[adsense]According to various sources, it was here that the Byzantine Regional Fleet had its headquarters around the ninth century. The fleet was dispatched here to police the mouths of the Danube which were frequently plundered by pirates. It was also frequently dispatched into various military expeditions.

Other sources say that it was built by the Genovese who were the main merchants in these parts starting with the XIth century.

Mircea the Elder conquered the city in 1404, but it completely disappeared from history after the Turks conquered Dobruija in 1418.

There are also a number of researchers who identify Licostomo with Kilia, claiming that the same settlement had two names. However, it is much more likely that they were separate as Kilia was a trade city, while Licostomo was mostly military.

Periprava and birdwatching

Today the village is one great place for birdwatchers. Although the Ukranian border is right north, going east or west takes you into some really interesting swamps and canals. These places are packed with all sorts of bird species.

With that in mind, a few years ago, a french guy came here and renovated all the old buldings of the former labour camp and turned the whole place into a five star resort, with birdwatchers in mind.

Also, just a few kilometers to the south you will find the Letea forest, which hosts one of the most diverse universe in Europe.


Hotel Delta Tulcea

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Tulcea for your Danube Delta vacation, your first choice should definitely be the Delta Hotel.

[adsense]It is the first hotel built in the city, it is the biggest, the most luxurious and it has a fantastic location that offers a breathtaking view of the city’s promenade.

Can I get away with another flattering comment? 🙂

It also has its own fleet of ships that you can hire for a ride deeper into the Delta.

That was, in a nutshell, what I believe makes this the greatest place to stay at.

Hotel Delta Tulcea

Let’s go into more details to see what’s so cool about it:

The Location

If you could draw an imaginary bull’s-eye right in the city center, Hotel Delta would be right there. It can’t get any better than this.

And not only is it in the city center, but it is also located on the city promenade, in the middle of the action.

The awesome view

There’s nothing like the sight that you get from any of the rooms. You have an unbelievable panorama, with a full view of the Danube, the harbor, the promenade and the center.

View fro Hotel DeltaSometimes, a picture says a thousand words and my God, I love that view!

The accommodation facilities

Hotel Delta actually consists of two distinct hotels… the first one is the ‘Delta 3 Hotel’, with three stars. That’s the older building, which was built like 40 years ago I guess. You can book a room here.

A few years ago they’ve built a new building which offers four star conditions and they call it the ‘Delta 4 Hotel’. It has a very pointy shape, inspired by boats I guess. It has a nice glass façade which, in the evening, makes a mind-blowing reflection. Reserve your four star room here.

The boats!

The hotel organizes plenty of trips in the Danube Delta, with its own ships. They are Sturzu, Camena and another one which I keep forgetting its name.

Of course, they have excellent conditions. The onboard crew is trained to make every visitor feel fantastic.

Places to Visit

Gura Portiței

One of the most facinating place in the Delta that they taught us in school is Gura Portiței which, geographically speaking, was the only gap where the Razim-Sinoe lagoon could communicate with the Black sea.

[adsense]Well, in 1970, that gap was finally closed and now Razim, Golovita and Sinoe are officially lakes. I’ve no idea if that happened naturally or somebody had something to do with it.

Gura Portitei used to be a small and chick fishermen’s village.  The people who lived here were lipovans who pretty much lived off the fish they could capture.

That pretty much changed a couple of years ago when the whole site was completely transformed with the construction of the new and modern Gura Portitei resort.

Gura PortițeiThey’ve called the resort ’Eden’, and that’s not that far from the truth. There are plenty of cozy bungalows for plenty of people. It is a great place for a family vacation.

You can easily relax and bathe both in the black sea and in the Golovita Lake.

It’s great that every few days there are nights when groups of lipovan women gather up and start singing traditional songs. Here’s a video I found from the night of May 1, to get an idea:

I recently discovered that you can also enjoy a wide array of water sports like windsurfing and jet-skiing, so make sure you do that too!

So, how do I get to Gura Portiței?

That’s easy. You’ll first need to get to Jurilovca, another lipovan village. Your best choice is by car, because otherwise you’ll have to rely of all sorts of weird connections. The distance is about 300 kilometers from Bucharest, 90 from Constanța and about 50 from Tulcea.

[adsense]Once there, you’ll have to take a nice little boat that will take you directly to Gura Portitei. It leaves three times a day (that’s during the summer at least).

Here’s the full schedule:

From Jurilovca: 09:00  /  14:00 / 18:00

From Gura Portitei: 12:00 / 16:00  / 20:00

The boat ride is not very long, but the scenery is divine. You’ll have the chance to see hunres of pelicans going about their lives, as well as numerous other species. Birdwatchers do feel at home around here:)

Care for an adventure?

If you feel like having an adventure, you can also get to Gura Portitei by folowing the coast, either from Sfantu Gheorghe in the North or from Vadu, in the South.

Ok, coming from Sfantu Gheorghe is a really challenging idea, so don’t run off into the wild and then blame me for whatever happens 😛

Things to Do

Get Ready for the 2011 Anonimul Film Festival

Brace yourselves because this year we’re going to the 8th edition of the Anonimul Film Festival in the Danube Delta. More than ever, this year is going to be outstanding.

[adsense]If for no other reason than my friends finishing college. Yep, this may very well be our last summer as kids, and we’re going to make it totally phenomenal!

So, in order to join the party, here are a couple of ideas to make sure you’ll get here and have a great time.

How to get to Sfantu Gheorghe?

That’s easy. First, you’ll have to somehow get to Tulcea.

If you’re coming from Bucharest, the fastest way is by car. You’ll have to follow the A2 motorway for about 100 kilometers, then turn left towards Slobozia and from there it’s a pretty straight forward road. Just follow the road signs and you’ll be here in no time.

You can also take the train or a bus, but it’s going to be a little less comfortable. I just came home with the train and it took forever to reach Tulcea.

Same story if you come from Braila, Galați or Constanța. I wrote a distinctive post of of how to get to the Danube Delta, so make sure you read that too.

Second, once you’re in Tulcea, get yourself a ticket on one of the passenger ships from that big white building next to the train station. It’s about 10 Euros, so no biggie.

You can also make take a speed boat that will take you to Sfantu Gheorghe in about an hour and a half, but seriously?

The passenger ship is where the action goes down, so consider that first.

Where to stay?

Personally, I prefer the Delfinul Camping where I can set up my tent and hang out with the rest of good people. They’ve got everything you need there. Showers, a shop, a restaurant and even electric outlets every few meters.

Yeah, so you can send a constant stream of live tweets from your smart phone for the whole vacation 🙂

Dalfinul Camping in Sfantu GheorgheMost important of all, the camping is where the big screen is! That’s where they present most of the films.

The camping has plenty of space to set your tent up, and there are also about 15 or so bungalows.

However, if you’ve traveled half the world to get here, you probably want to make sure you have a decent night’s sleep.

For that, there’s the Green Village. The Vilas are truly amazing, with four star conditions. The owners really didn’t cut any expenses in making sure that the village really blends the modern facilities with the provincial look and feel of the Danube Delta.The Green Village in Sfantu Gheorghe

So there you have it! Get ready, pack your bags, quit your job and make sure that this august you are here, because it’s about to be extraordinary!


Get Ready to do Windsurfing in Danube Delta

Who said that the Danube Delta is that place where you can go to relax and enjoy a peaceful day by the lake?

[adsense]Oh yeah, I might have mentioned it a couple of times… me, and pretty much everybody else…

Well, it turns out that there’s more to it than you might think.

Sure, every documentary or presentation video you’ve seen has that soft, chill-out music that we all know.

And I hate it!

That’s not how things are around here.

The reality is that the Danube Delta has become the playing ground for a whole new breed of adventure seekers.

As it turns out, there are now a few places where you can indulge yourself in the mystical sport of windsurfing. Yeah, I’m serious.

Windsurfing In the Danube Delta

If you think that fishing may not give you enough thrill for your vacation, then suit up and get your surfing gear, because that’s the one thing that will definitely get your blood rushing.

So where can you windsurf?

So far, there are two kick ass places that have all the right things in place to give you an awesome experience.

[adsense]One is the Murighiol Lake, just outside the village with the same name and only about 40 kilometers away from Tulcea. The convenient part is that you can actually reach this place by car. You just drive up there, rent the equipment and you’re on for a mind-blowing experience.

The other one is Mila 23, one of the truly old-fashioned fishing villages in the Delta. The place is surrounded by umpteen lakes and canals which give you a awe-inspiring décor in which to have fun.

There’s a place you can rent all the necessary gear, so it’s all super convenient.

Another place where you can do that is Gura Portiței, a really nice resort located on a stretch of soft sand between the Black Sea and the Razim Lake. What’s really cool is that you can actually surf both in the sea and in the lake. It’s all on you.

Of course, if you actually have you own gear, you can windsurf anywhere. I’ve seen people do it in Tulcea’s marina, so there really are no limits. If you know how to stay away from all the boats, of course.

What next?

Now that you’re ready to do this, get down here! And let your friends know about it on Twitter and Facebook!