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Musura Isle, the Newest Bird Paradise in Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a land in continuous formation. With the Danube bringing fresh sediments all the time, is continues to expand and change its shape with the passing of time. According to Herodot, over two millennia ago, the Danube reached the sea with seven distinct branches. These days, there are only three.

Inside the Musura Gulf
Inside the Musura Gulf

As a proof that the delta keeps growing, 8 years ago we’ve witnessed the birth of a new island in the Musura gulf, right below the Chilia Branch.

[adsense]I remember that years ago I was watching the “Sand Along Explore – Sand’Ale 2003” trip by a team of explorers who had the pleasure of being some of the first few people to walk on that island. To this day, it’s still unclear whether this new land belongs to Romania or to Ukraine. I didn’t manage to get there so far. The growth og the Isle has been accelerated following the digging of the Bastroe canal by Ukraine in 2004.

Recently, museums and other organizations have shown a great deal of concern for the Musura Isle and they’re been attempting to protect it and the pelicans, sea gulls and cormorants colonies that have populated it by turning the zone into a natural strictly protected area, part of Romania-Ukraine Danube Delta Cross-border Reserve.

Being a border area, from a legal standpoint, it has to be governed by international law, meaning that a joint program has to be agreed by both Romania and Ukraine.

With that said, I can’t get to get there. Maybe this year! 😀

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