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Gura Portiței

One of the most facinating place in the Delta that they taught us in school is Gura Portiței which, geographically speaking, was the only gap where the Razim-Sinoe lagoon could communicate with the Black sea.

[adsense]Well, in 1970, that gap was finally closed and now Razim, Golovita and Sinoe are officially lakes. I’ve no idea if that happened naturally or somebody had something to do with it.

Gura Portitei used to be a small and chick fishermen’s village.  The people who lived here were lipovans who pretty much lived off the fish they could capture.

That pretty much changed a couple of years ago when the whole site was completely transformed with the construction of the new and modern Gura Portitei resort.

Gura PortițeiThey’ve called the resort ’Eden’, and that’s not that far from the truth. There are plenty of cozy bungalows for plenty of people. It is a great place for a family vacation.

You can easily relax and bathe both in the black sea and in the Golovita Lake.

It’s great that every few days there are nights when groups of lipovan women gather up and start singing traditional songs. Here’s a video I found from the night of May 1, to get an idea:

I recently discovered that you can also enjoy a wide array of water sports like windsurfing and jet-skiing, so make sure you do that too!

So, how do I get to Gura Portiței?

That’s easy. You’ll first need to get to Jurilovca, another lipovan village. Your best choice is by car, because otherwise you’ll have to rely of all sorts of weird connections. The distance is about 300 kilometers from Bucharest, 90 from Constanța and about 50 from Tulcea.

[adsense]Once there, you’ll have to take a nice little boat that will take you directly to Gura Portitei. It leaves three times a day (that’s during the summer at least).

Here’s the full schedule:

From Jurilovca: 09:00  /  14:00 / 18:00

From Gura Portitei: 12:00 / 16:00  / 20:00

The boat ride is not very long, but the scenery is divine. You’ll have the chance to see hunres of pelicans going about their lives, as well as numerous other species. Birdwatchers do feel at home around here:)

Care for an adventure?

If you feel like having an adventure, you can also get to Gura Portitei by folowing the coast, either from Sfantu Gheorghe in the North or from Vadu, in the South.

Ok, coming from Sfantu Gheorghe is a really challenging idea, so don’t run off into the wild and then blame me for whatever happens 😛

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