Water Resources and Wetlands 2012

If you’re somewhat of a scientist and you’re particularly interested in the behind-the-scenes data that involves the Danube Delta, then you might want to join the “Water resources and wetlands” international conference that the Romanian Limnogeographical Association (this is the first time I hear about this word) is organizing this September in Tulcea.

[adsense]The basic idea is to have an open discussion among researchers and others intimately interested in this field in order to come up with sustainable solutions to humanity’s ever more intense use of water resources.

As mentioned, the conference is an international one, where participants can share ideas from all over the world. Hotel Delta will host it. This event will take place between 14th and 16th of September in Tulcea, the gateway to the Danube Delta, one of Europe’s largest wetlands.

Water Resources and Wetlands ConferenceThe agenda includes not only indoor activities, but also a series of outdoor workshops where participants will have the chance to visit the Danube Delta in order to witness and assess the impact of various pollutants on the deltaic environment and coastal waters.

Ok, I might have come a little late with this, as the deadline for registration and abstract submission was on April 30th, but it’s still worth digging into it if that’s the sort of thing that you’re interested in.

To find out more about the conference, visit its official page on Romanian Limnogeographical Association’s website (I already hate that word 🙂 )


The International Rowing Boats Festival

The festival (Festivalul Internațional al Bărcilor cu Vâsle) is an event organized by Ivan Patcaichin, with his project Rowmania. The declared goal of the event is to promote the rowboat, the traditional means of transport used by all fishermen here in the Delta.

[adsense]In the last few years, the classic „lotca” has faded in popularity in favor of the new fiber glass boats which, unfortunately, take away from the colorful image of the Delta.

The birth of the canotca

But lotca is a tradition which should not be forgotten and for that reason, Ivan Patzaichin has worked closely with one of the last craftsmen in Tulcea who still knows how to build the ancient boats.

He’s designed a new type of boat that he calls „canotca”, which is a mix of the old lotcas with the new and modern lines of the canoes and other sports boats. Thus, the „canotca”.

International Rowing Boats FestivalThe most important activities that will take place are:

  • The Ivan Patzaichin competition, in which 30 teams from the whole Danube Delta will race with teir canotcas from Tulcea to Sfantu Georghe in a race that will take two days. The participants wil be able to set their tents anywhere for the night and the winners will be awarded prizes by the Ivan Patzaichin foundation.
  • The Danube Marathon, which is an international tour that starts in germany where the Danube Springs and goes all the way through the continent to the final point which is Sfantu Gheorghe. I’ve seen these people many times. I was relaxing on the beach here n Tulcea when all of a sudden, 15 to 25 boats surrounded us.

When does the festival take place?

The events will go down the following weekend, on September 2-4, right here in Tulcea. I will definitely be there (there will also be a few concerts), although I won’t be participating…

I’m in good shape, but I most certainly can’t compete with the real fishermen… My shoulder still hurts after I had a scandenberg fight with a fishermen in Sfantu Gheorghe at the Anonimul Film Festival.


The Sign Up For the 2011 Edition of the Anonimul Film Festival Has Begun

Get ready, because the summer is getting closer and closer and the time left till the eighth edition of the coolest festival that the Danube Delta hosts, Anonimul, is getting sorter with each passing day.

[adsense]This year, the whole event will take place from the 8th to the 14th of August, a whole week of kick ass movies and a delighting company. Every participant is guaranteed a healthy dose of fun in the middle of nature.

Well, the organizers of the festival have just opened the sign-up for the 2011 edition. Every producer on the face of the earth is welcomed to get involved and showcase his work in front of the world class audience gathered in the beautiful village of Sfantu Gheorghe.

Seven feature films will be selected for the final competition of the highly sought after Anonimul Trophy, where the winner will be chosen by the vote of the public.

Also, there will be a total of twenty four short fiction movies and eighteen animations that will be screened throughout the week on both the large screen in the Dolphin Camping and the private screening rooms.

Read all the details of the whole process here.

Anonimul Film Festival 2011As far as I know, all expenses for the participants will be covered by the Anonimul Foundation, so that’s one extra reason to participate.

Events My Trips

On the way to Sfantu Gheorghe and the Anonimul Film festival

Yes, finally… it’s been two years since I’ve last been to Sfantu Gheorghe, but now, the wait is over. In less than an hour I’ll be on the ship on the way to my dreams, having a cold beer and enjoying the wild scenery.

[adsense]Sfantu Gheorghe has always been one of my favorite places in the Danube Delta. It is so quiet and wild and you can just relax and let everything go away for a few days. In the last few years it witnessed quite a few developments, and it’s become better known in the country and abroad. The great thing is that it still attracts only a certain type of people with whom you can have a great conversation and also have plenty of fun.

The main attraction these days is the Anonimul Film Festival, which actually started two days ago… Yes, I know I’m late, but I’m getting there.

The festival lasts a whole week and the main highlights are the projections of various low budget, independent films from producers from all over Europe. There are two locations: one is the Delfinul camping, where the movies are projected on a huge screen out in the open and everybody in welcomed to enjoy them for free, and then there are private or paid cinemas, just across the streets.

To be honest, I only got to see a few movies the third year I went there. I was too busy on the beach or anywhere else. Some of them were ok, others sucked.. but it was all great.

This year I don’t plan on seeing any film, but we’ll see how things work out. I’ll probably spend most of the time at the beach or fighting the mosquitoes… those aren’t normal mosquitoes, they are dragons! And unfortunately I couldn’t find any mosquito repellant crème at the pharmacy next door. If I don’t sort this out, tonight I’m toast!

But we’ll see how everyting turns out. I’ll post a follow-up when I’m back.


Delta Drag Racing

About a month ago I read an article in a newspaper announcing the new stage of the Delta Drag Race that was supposed to take place on the Danube Delta International Airport in Tulcea… Expecting this to be a simple local event where auto junkies gather around to show off, I forgot about it completely 5 minutes later.

[adsense]Chance had it that these weeks I’m back in Tulcea doing the practice stage for my university, so naturally, I was out with friends, celebrating, having a beer and catching up on what’s new around town. It was Saturday night, 8th of may, the independence day, and after a great Vita de Vie concert in Piata Civica, I hear about the drag race the next day.

Still not expecting much, but with a huge journalistic curiosity, I convince the guys that the next day, that’s the place where we aught to go.

Sunday morning, circa 12 am, after a tasty coffee at Flacara Vie (The Live Flame), we  finally get the tickets to the airport… the prospects aren’t good… the rain clouds almost kill out spirit and force us to abandon the whole thing… After monumental fights against common sense, we realized that we already spent about 6 euros and it wouldn’t be that bad to actually find out if it’s any good.

Delta Drag Racing
Delta Drag Racing

Eventually, we get to the airport (after the bus driver completely forgot to stop and we had to walk back one kilometer). First impression is promising: a huge banner titled “Delta Drag Racing – The international stage”, with a white Dodge Challenger on the background. Nice tough. To my surprise, the one kilometer road to the airport was packed with cars on the left and right side, plus a few dirt roads on the side.

[adsense]The track on the airport was packed with cars. Seriously, I didn’t expect anything like it.. I imagined there would only be 18 yo kids from Tulcea showing off. Well, there were hundreds of people and almost as many cars raging from Mustangs and Dodge Vipers to Porsche 911s and Mitsubishi Skylines.

My first impression was that of the orange Mustang drifting in circles on the track, leaving a huge pile of smoke.

The drag races were awesome.. it was great seeing a cute little Daewoo Cielo winning against a BMW M3, or a Mitsubishi Skyline loosing against an Audi A4…

Too bad the fun had to end a little too early, because the rain scared everybody off.

I’ll add a few pictures as soon as possible.