Delta Nature Resort Closed for 2010

Word just got out that the five star Delta Nature Resort complex won’t open for the 2010 summer season.

[adsense]One reason is the small number of booked guests that signed up in advance. It all has to do with the crisis that’s left everybody with a little less money in the pocket, and also with the new rumors about some birds being infected with bird flu, pig flu, penguin flu or who knows what.

I’ve heard it all before. Like five years ago. Same story… three birds were found dead… after summary analysis, the killer was found: bird flu! Then a massive operation was mounted to dispose of a huge number of innocent little birds, only to discover a month later that it was all … how can I say it, bullshit. Those three birds died of natural causes. Sometimes I think that there’s somebody out there who’s interested in messing with the Delta, but I can’t just put my finger on it.

Delta Nature Resort
Delta Nature Resort

But back to Delta Nature Resort, the other reason it’ll stay closed this year is because they’re also building a major spa and heath center which they cannot do when there’s tourists around.

This will allow the resort attract a large new range of customers and continue to function off season.

The works were started last year in October and will continue throughout most of the 2010 summer and will open again for the public in 2011.

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