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Danube Delta Cormorants Dine In Tulcea

With the unusually cold winter that has hit Romania this year, the few bird species that stayed in the delta for Christmas had to adapt to make sure they survive till the spring.

A number of cormorants, which usually hunt fish underwater, found the thick lair of ice impossible to break this year, so they moved their camp to Tulcea’s promenade, where they can easily find food in the debris that seamen throw out.

Cormorant in Tulcea
Cormorant in Tulcea

Although it’s a busy port with plenty of boats and people on the promenade, difficult times call for drastic measures, so they’ve leaned to live with that.

Normally, Cormorants live on the seashore or on lakes surrounded by thick vegetation. They eat huge quantities of fish and hunt only during the day. The fishermen hate them because, well, eat their prey and also break their fishing nets. They tend to live for 10 to 15 years, but there are a few species that go all the way through 30 years.

Here’s a picture o one of the cormorants who’ve found a welcoming new home for the winter of the deck of the boat-restaurant and museum “Republica”, anchored near the city’s center.

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