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Beautiful Shots of Pelicans in Danube Delta and Greece

Earlier today I rand into a couple of beautiful photos by Hungarian photographer  Bence Mate, a couple of which were taken in the Danube Delta.  They depict several rare scenes that you don’t get the chance to see every day, so I had to share them with you. They will definitely bright up your day.

[adsense]All of these photos were taken across Europe in a water rich environments.

The first photograph that captured my attention was that of a pack of Dalmatian pelicans being mobbed by a flock of gulls. You wouldn’t expect  a couple of tinny little birds like that to go head-on against the giant pelicans, but obviously somebody’s overstepped his territory and now has to pay!  Who’s the though guy now?

Dalmatian Pelicans Mobbed by Gulls

Another interesting picture is the one taken with two pelicans, were the younger one begs for some food from his parents. That’s so touching.

Pelican Chick Begging For Food

There are a number of shots taken elsewhere. Take a look at these five pelicans yawning at Lake Kerkini in Greece. Looks like somebody’s full and ready for a good afternoon nap:)

Pelicans Yawning

To see the rest of the pictures, go take a look at the Daily Mail article. You’ll love the scenes depicted there.

You can also read this article in Romanian: Poze Rare cu Pelicani în Delta Dunării și Grecia

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