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Get Ready for the 2011 Anonimul Film Festival

Brace yourselves because this year we’re going to the 8th edition of the Anonimul Film Festival in the Danube Delta. More than ever, this year is going to be outstanding.

[adsense]If for no other reason than my friends finishing college. Yep, this may very well be our last summer as kids, and we’re going to make it totally phenomenal!

So, in order to join the party, here are a couple of ideas to make sure you’ll get here and have a great time.

How to get to Sfantu Gheorghe?

That’s easy. First, you’ll have to somehow get to Tulcea.

If you’re coming from Bucharest, the fastest way is by car. You’ll have to follow the A2 motorway for about 100 kilometers, then turn left towards Slobozia and from there it’s a pretty straight forward road. Just follow the road signs and you’ll be here in no time.

You can also take the train or a bus, but it’s going to be a little less comfortable. I just came home with the train and it took forever to reach Tulcea.

Same story if you come from Braila, Galați or Constanța. I wrote a distinctive post of of how to get to the Danube Delta, so make sure you read that too.

Second, once you’re in Tulcea, get yourself a ticket on one of the passenger ships from that big white building next to the train station. It’s about 10 Euros, so no biggie.

You can also make take a speed boat that will take you to Sfantu Gheorghe in about an hour and a half, but seriously?

The passenger ship is where the action goes down, so consider that first.

Where to stay?

Personally, I prefer the Delfinul Camping where I can set up my tent and hang out with the rest of good people. They’ve got everything you need there. Showers, a shop, a restaurant and even electric outlets every few meters.

Yeah, so you can send a constant stream of live tweets from your smart phone for the whole vacation 🙂

Dalfinul Camping in Sfantu GheorgheMost important of all, the camping is where the big screen is! That’s where they present most of the films.

The camping has plenty of space to set your tent up, and there are also about 15 or so bungalows.

However, if you’ve traveled half the world to get here, you probably want to make sure you have a decent night’s sleep.

For that, there’s the Green Village. The Vilas are truly amazing, with four star conditions. The owners really didn’t cut any expenses in making sure that the village really blends the modern facilities with the provincial look and feel of the Danube Delta.The Green Village in Sfantu Gheorghe

So there you have it! Get ready, pack your bags, quit your job and make sure that this august you are here, because it’s about to be extraordinary!

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