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Danube Delta Cruises
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Danube Delta Cruises

Sure, planning your vacation to the last detail is something that you might like very much. It’s great to know that whatever it is, you have it covered.

But sometimes, you simply want to relax and enjoy your time. You get a few days free from work or school and all you want is to sit back and relish in the beautiful scenery that parades in front of you.

If your idea of a relaxing holiday involves a quiet adventure through Europe’s largest wetlands, then booking a Danube Delta cruise might be your best choice. The many tour operators here offer complete services, leaving you free to completely immerse yourself in this fabulous ambiance.

Danube Delta Cruise

What about kids?

Booking a cruise for your family, you’ll probably need to forget all about that ‘quiet’ and ‘peaceful’ stuff I was talking about above. Having your kids running around, while you’re catching fish or bird watching is definitely not going to be a low-pitched experience 🙂

It will be unforgettable on the other hand. Your kids don’t get to play in a place like this every day.

So, where can you sign up for a Danube Delta cruise?

There are quite a few operators who would be happy to take you and your friends or family for a  ride. Below you’ll find some of them, in no particular order. Note that I’m not affiliated with them in any way and  the content of their websites is their responsibility.

Here they are:

Isrom Delta

Phone: +40  723 194264
Mobile Phone: +40 720 047337
Website: www.isromdelta.ro
Email: isromdelta@yahoo.com

Sincron SRL Tulcea
Phone: +40 722 281125, Phone/Fax: +40 240 517173
Website: www.sincrondelta.ro
Email: sincrondelta@yahoo.com

Absolute Carpathian Brasov
Website: www.absolute-nature.ro
Phone: +40 368 413524; mobile: +40 788 578796; Fax: +40 368 413524
Email: book@absolute-nature.ro
Contact person: Simona Munteanu

Calypso SRL
Mobile: +40 (0)374 003.520
Phone: +40 (0)240 506.180
Phone: +40 (0)240 506.181
Phone: +40 (0)240 506.182
Fax: +40 (0)240 506.183
Website: www.calypsosrl.ro
Email: office@calypsosrl.ro

Dasler SRL
Phone: +40 745 776776
Website: www.daslerdanubedelta.ro
Email: dasler_danubedelta@yahoo.com
Email: sfantul.andrei@yahoo.com

Europolis SA Tulcea
Phone: +40 240 512443, Fax: +40 240 516649
Website: www.europolis.ro
Email: office@europolis.ro

Ibis SRL. Tulcea
Phone: +40 240 512787
Mobile: +40 722 381 398
Website: www.ibis-tours.ro
Email: You can use their contact page

Liscom SRL
Phone: +40 745 832995, +40 742 137885, +40 240 536726
Website: www.indanubedelta.ro
Email: office@indanubedelta.ro

Macsim Delta SNC Tulcea
Phone: +40 744 200314
Website: www.pelicantours.ro
Email: macsimro@yahoo.com

ACR Tulcea
phone: +40 240 515151
Website: www.acr.ro
Email: acr_tl@acr.ro

phone: +40/240/518894, Fax: +40/240/518953
Website: www.amatour.ro
Email: contact@amatour.ro
Facebook page
Contact persons:
Anamaria Cristea (+40.726.218.170)
Ioan Cristea (+40.744.320.394)

Dunărea Sălbatică SA
Phone: +40/722.680402
Website: www.wilddanube.ro
Email: office@wilddanube.ro

Finesse SRL București
phone: +40 213 167428, Fax +40 21 316.74.18
Mobile Phone: +40 745 051171
Website: www.finesse.ro
e-mail: finesse@b.astral.ro

Phone/Fax:+40 0240 532010
Website: www.hotelgggociman.ro
Email: office.edentravel@gmail.com
Contact person: Andreea David (+40 0729 882491)

Phone: 0241 624 141; Fax: 0241 624040
Mobile Phone: +40 0720 300314, +40 0751 088088
Website: www.hotelplutitorserano.ro
Email: hotelserano@gmail.com
Facebook Page

Egreta 1
Phone:  0731 260 722
Website: www.hotelplutitor-deltadunarii.ro
Email: office@hotelplutitor-deltadunarii.ro

Delta Explorer
Contact Person: Eugen Dinu (eugen.dynu@gmail.com, + 40 730 017 037)
Contact Person: Sorin Mirica (sorin.mirica@yahoo.com, + 40 721 082 805)
Website: www.deltaexplorer.ro


As you can see, there are quite a few options that you can choose from to set up a realy nice cruise in the Danube Delta. You need to check each of these websites and find the offer that best suits your needs.

Some of these are full cruise organizers, while some of them are simply floating hotels.

Go ahead and take a pick! And sure enough, drop me a comment below with the company that you chose.

To your awesome holiday!

Danube Delta Cruise365

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